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We work with you to identify your objectives, understand the type of testing taking place and help your recruitment logistical needs depending on the scale and type of product testing study, including full scripting, hosting and tabulation services. 

Our team will not only help you identify candidates, but also deal with the sending out or shipping of products during in-home studies and setting up ‘real life settings’, as well as facilitating the collection of feedback through our other expertise, such as setting up interviews and telephone or online surveys, as well as reminders and monitor completion rates as fieldwork progresses. 

Ultimately, we leverage the logistics of finding and arranging research, as well as taking care of the admin while you focus on the data. Data can be completed on any device, browser and in any language. 

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I’ve been taking away this responsibility from clients for over a decade! Drop me a message to find out how I can help your research team to find and recruit the most suitable candidates for your next project.

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