Whether you are looking for mums, dads, students or the whole family, we have access to an array of shoppers actively engaged with consumer products across different industries and demographics.


For those looking to road test their goods and services amongst B2B industries we have access to key decision makers within trade, procurement and industrial buyers, including CEO’s, MD’s, IT managers and finance directors.


We focus on segmenting automotive audiences thoroughly, offering access to all demographics, novel, experienced, old and young… As well as identifying particular purchasing preferences, such as buying, leasing, or personal contracting, and choice of engine, petrol, diesel or electric vehicles.


Our extensive experience within the healthcare sector means our team has built strong relationships with a variety of key individuals, from doctors, surgeons and GP’s to nurses, clinicians and essential workers within the NHS.

Public Sector

Ensuring your brand and business decisions reflect the needs of our society is essential. Choosing Central Fieldwork means you can access key individuals within the voluntary and educational sector, as well as local government departments and councils.


The financial sector needs new, relevant insight constantly, meaning that access to key decision makers to gather their viewpoint is crucial for your research. With key contacts across the industry, from IFA’s mortgage brokers, actuaries or fund managers, our team can provide suitable respondents for a variety of financial research.


The purpose of technology is to innovate and whether you require innovators, early adopters, late comers or different demographics trialing your goods or services, our team is prepared to segment your respondent profile according to your research needs.


The media industries are all about engaging with their target audience. We make sure you can trial, test and improve your productions by delivering large and niche target audiences, from TV viewers and social media users to specific social media content subscribers or TV shows fans.


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